Tuesday, 6 August 2013

July: "According to My iPhone" (08.06.13)

Hi Everybody,

Today I thought it would be fun to have a look back over the past month "According to My iPhone!" (thanks to Jade over at Gracious Silhouettes for the series title). I've seen several bloggers do these posts and I always find them so much fun to go through. I'm a huge photography geek and I love the story a picture can tell. How they can capture a distinct moment in time and forever remind you of how you were feeling and where you were that day. 
My iPhone goes absolutely everywhere with me and I'm forever whipping it out and snapping pictures (much to the disdain of J). Here are some of my favourites from July.

/1. Top and skirt from H&M
/2. Bus ride selfies  
/3. Dreaming of far off places *Cool Fact: I actually bought that hat whilst on vacation in Bermuda 
/4. Gorgeous rose bush outside work 
/5. Sunbathing on my front step watching the world go by
/6. This shirt barfs sparkles like a drag queen
/7. Early morning. Wet hairs.
/8. Epic sunflare
/9. Picking the boy up from work after a week away
/10. I have never seen J so happy in all my life. Pulling pints for his favourite independent brewery
/11. Orville in the bathtub 
/12. Orville chillin' like a villain in the tub 
/13. Snuggled on the couch with my baby watching "New Girl" (my legs, his head)
/14. Buttercups and photoshoots
/15. Evening reflection
Well that's everything for the month of July. I hope you enjoyed this post and having a cheeky peek inside my phone. I did post some of these pics to Instagram, so be sure to follow me there for all the lastest and greatest: @erinbulger

I have a few "OOTD's" and reviews planned for some upcoming posts, so stay tuned for that!

Until then,

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

PostCrossing Update #2 (07.30.13.)

Hey lovelies!

So it's the end of another month which means it's time for another PostCrossing update! Not sure what I mean by PostCrossing? Check out this blog post I wrote last month!

This month was a very busy month for my mailbox, with 11 postcards arriving from around the world! So much excitement and smiles. I'm so weird when I pull them out of the mailbox. I try my best not to look at them until I get inside and sit down. Then, I always read the back first before finally looking at the exciting pictures on the front. Is that strange... I sort of think so. But that's how my brain works. You should see me on Christmas morning! Oh man, I drive J crazy with all my rituals and how long it takes me to open things. My stocking alone takes me 1hr to open! Oie vye.

Now let's get into the real reason we're all here! Let's look a the beautiful postcards people sent me this month:











I've started decorating my mantle with all the cards I have been receiving over the past 2 months (my collection is already large!), and I really love how it is turning out. I'll post a picture of what I've done for next month's update post.

Have any of you joined PostCrossing? Do you have a favourite postcard from this month? Leave me your comments, I'm always so excited to read what you all have to say. 

Keep being you,


Friday, 26 July 2013

FOTD #2 (

I'm back with another "Face of the Day" for you all!

This look makeup look started with the eyes. I wanted to use a shadow that I hadn't used in a while. While I do use MAC "Satin Taupe" quite often, I typically only use it in the crease. However, it's really such an amazing all over lid colour! It has the ability to catch the light in such a way that it looks like several different shades all in one! A fantastic multipurpose shade and I would HIGHLY recommend it if you're looking to pick up a MAC eyeshadow. 

Inspired by the smokey simplicity of my eyes, I chose to pair this look with a red lip. Normally I would think this lip too dark for summer, but it has been raining all day long (seriously, I'm waiting to see someone float down the street in a boat) and the darkness of this lip made me feel cozy. I have several reds in my collection and today I chose Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss "11"

 For my cheeks I used MAC blush in "Well Dressed" and highlighted my cheekbones and inner eyes with Benifit High Beam. I opted to skip foundation and went for some Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer under my eyes and around my nose.

I thought it would be fun to throw in a little "Outfit of the Day" along with this post, so I snapped a few quick pictures while I was at work. Sorry for the quality, iPhones can only do so much. Like I said it was a rainy day, so I went for something cozy. I really LOVE this feather pattern peasant top. I always feel awesome when I wear it. Then just some simple black skinny jeans from AE and black flats.Working girl!

Now if you'll excuse me I must run! J just came home and now we're off to the pub for drinks with friends! 

Love you all,

Monday, 22 July 2013

Face of the Day "FOTD" #1 (07.22.13)

Hey Lovelies,

Just thought I'd pop in with a really quick "Face of the Day" post. I really liked how my makeup turned out this morning so I wanted to share! It's a chill day around the house and the boy is at work, so I wanted to keep my makeup really simple. I chose to keep the focus on my eyes and fresh rosy cheeks.

(Bought his Zebra scarf last year in Bermuda, and I seriously still can't get enough of it.)
 For this look eye look I smudged Kat Von D Autograph Pencil in"Napolitano" across my upper lash line. I then took MAC eyeshadow in "Patina" to set the eyeliner and brought that right up into my crease. To deepen my crease I took MAC eyeshadow in "Mystery" (the same colour I used for my brows) and blended that out. To finish the look I applied a couple coats of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in "Black Drama"

(I really need to take a class in "How not to look awkward with your eyes closed". This is the best I could get.)
I wanted to keep the rest of my face looking really soft and fresh. To achieve this I used CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in "Classic Pink" with a little NYC Brozer in "Sunny" to add some colour. On my lips I used one of my current favourites, NARS lipstick in "Catfight". 

I love how this look came out and it all took less then 10 minutes! Minimal products and minimal time. No complaints there! Standout products for me are definitely the Kat Von D Autograph Pencil and the NARS lipstick.

 I'm dying to pick up and try more of these Kat Von D pencils. The consistency of them is delicious, the way they just glide on with zero pressure. They're so gentle on the eyes and they pack some HUGE colour. There is a peacock blue that I was eyeing on my last visit to Sephora... I think that may be the next addition to my collection. As for the NARS lipstick, this is a colour that I've had in my collection for a long while now and I have only recently picked it up and started using it again. I don't know what ever made me stop. It's the perfect dusty rose nude shade that goes with just about every look. I love that it is a matte so it's got that effortless quality to it that makes it almost look like it could perhaps be your natural lip colour. But the thing that really makes this something special and unlike anything else I have, is the micro gold and silver shimmer that it has to it. It's so finely milled that you can't feel it on your lips, but it causes the lipstick to catch the light is such a stunning way. 

Love you all,
Erin xx

Daily TidBits:

- I finally have my MacBook Pro back! I missed my baby so much these past few months! She's got a brand new hard drive in her and she's happily back in my arms. Never die on mommy again baby! Never!

-Yesterday, while walking through the VERY busy Costco parking lot, "J" decided that he wanted to carry me and promptly threw my over his shoulder right in front of a car that was trying to pass us! Haha! I didn't know what else to do so I just waved at the driver from atop "J"'s shoulder. Later on inside we bumped into the couple from the car, and we had a good laugh.

-I've been lazy in the self tanning department lately and have slowly faded back to my pasty white self. It makes me realize just how fantastic having a bit of colour on my skin makes me feel. I'm so much more confident wearing shorts if I have a bit of a tan. Is that strange? Meh.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pick Me Up Wednesday #1 (07.17.13.)

Hello lovelies,

So it's Wednesday, middle of the work week. Ugh. They call it hump day for a reason (get yo' minds outta the gutter!... Just me? Oh. Well then...) We're all feeling a little tired and eagerly awaiting the weekend. I don't know about you but I'm feeling a little uninspired. So I did what any normal person does when they're seeking inspiration... I took to Pinterest! Insert shameless plug here: Follow my boards at: http://pinterest.com/erinbulger

Without further ado, here's a little something to get your creative juices flowing or just simply to put a smile on your face:

(So simple, yet so hard for us to do sometimes. Link)
(I love coming across pictures of Marilyn that I've never seen before. I love how there is nothing glamorous about this setting or her clothes, yet she's still so captivating.)
(These shoes make me wanna scream "Hells to the Yes!" Everything about these is delicious to my eyes.)
(Chuckle.Chuckle. So excited for Kate to pop! I'm totally one of those geeks on Royal Baby Watch.)
(Ingrid. Need I say more? If you've still never seen "Casablanca", do yourself a favour and watch it. It's a classic for a reason and one of my all time favourites. Link)
(I have been telling myself for YEARS that I am going to do this...one day Erin... one day.)
(A wall that plays music when it rains. It is currently pouring buckets outside my window, and I can't help but think that life would be so much cooler if my house looked like this. Link)
(This man can do no wrong in my eyes. Always amazing, such a talent.Even when I hate the movie (ahem, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) I still think HE does amazing.)
(Tell me this isn't a fantastic idea!!? Use a map of the place you visited as the mat for the photo from your trip!)
(Tehee! Tehee!)
(I remember this episode. Total *face palm* moment.)
And on that note we'll end. Hopefully this put a little smile on your face and a little sparkle in your soul. 

Until next time,

Erin xx

Daily Tidbits:
  • It should be noted that in true Pinterest fashion, I spent 2 hours scrolling through the site making this post... it's a dangerous place that Pinteres. 
  • I bought different brand of cat litter because Walmart was out of my usual, and that was a big mistake! It's got some sort of fragrance in it that's giving me a headache. Argh! Beware the Arm n' Hammer kitty litter.
  • I have spent my last 2 days off watching nothing but the first two seasons of "Departures" Time well spent I say.
("The travel bug gets in you, and it's got you. One whole year - goes by in a blink.")